Do you really need to learn first aid skills? How useful could they be in your day-to-day life? Read our true stories and see for yourself.

Read people's stories

Mike's story - Everything changed at dinner!
Gary's story -We remembered what to do and it was a TEAM effort!
Kristy's story - You can tell the baby wasn't breathing.
Wilf's Story - Well let me tell ya how my heart attack felt!

Did You Perform a Real Life Rescue?

Tell us about your first aid experiences. Perri-Med First Aid/CPR Training wants to encourage everyone to learn first aid, CPR and defibrillation skills, so that every rescuer can make the difference in a real rescue and save a life!

If you have a first aid story, you can help us to raise awareness about the importance to learn these life saving skills. Your story can help encourage and inspire people to help others in need and stress to people how important our first aid training is to keep you calm, focused and respond appropriately during a real emergency.

Tell Us Your Story:

Please share how the basic first aid and CPR skills you learned in our program helped you during your rescue. We want to let everyone know the value of this training and how our training is impacting our community.

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