Perri-Med has been providing In-House training programs for work-places for many years. Having your own in-house trainer to train your own staff greatly reduces the cost of in-house training and improves the quality and availability of training.

Your workplace will maintain control over your in-house first aid programs in order to keep your staff trained at your workplace using your own instructors.

Perri-Med has become the preferred choice of training by employers for workplace first aid, CPR and AED programs. Perri-Med is committed to providing the most thorough courses, flexible scheduling, company and student resources at the best price.

We are pleased to offer you our In-House training option, which has the preferred method of training by many companies who want the on-site expertise and flexibility of having their own Perri-Med certified Instructor on staff.

Train Your Own In-House Trainer


  • Consistent Trainer
  • Knows your business
  • Low training costs
  • Flexible scheduling

Benefits of In-House Training

  • Perri-Med provides flexible instructor training which is easily customized to your companies busy schedule.
  • Your company decides which staff will become Perri-Med Instructors.
  • Your Perri-Med certified instructor will learn adult education skills and teaching techniques that are directly transferable to other employee training programs in your company.
  • We provide Instructor training to meet your company‚Äôs particular requirements and unique hazards.
  • All First Aid, CPR and AED classes provided by your own instructor can be arranged at the convenience of the company and your employees.
  • Convenient and flexible in-house scheduling for course dates, times and class numbers, eliminating the need to hire outside independent contractors.
  • Your company can easily maintain employee certifications on site avoiding the chance of overlooking employee certificate expiry dates.