Fast Facts

Class Location: At your home, office, or a local training facility
Classes Offered: Infant, Child or Adult CPR, AED, Healthcare Provider, First Aid, WHMIS, Oxygen, Babysitting
Course Materials: Student reference manuals are included in cost of the program
Certification Type: Perri-Med First Aid/CPR Training Certificates
Scheduling Options: Flexible scheduling, morning, evenings and weekends
Why Choose Our Class: Low stress, enjoyable, taught step by step to help remember skills when needed
"An international leader in safety training and healthcare education."
First aid protocols for an unresponsive person during COVID-19
How long do classes last?
Where are your classes held?
Once the new Guidelines for CPR and First Aid are released, does that mean the “old” Guidelines and the “old” way of performing CPR are not safe or effective?
When will I reviece my certification card?
What is your teaching philosophy?
How Long Do Certifications Last?
Do I Have To Buy A Textbook For The Class?
Does The Lifesaving Society Of Ontario Recognize Perri-Med?
Where can I find information on the new 2015 CPR and Emergency Cardiac Care (ECC) Guidelines?
What type of classes do you offer?
What Do I Need To Bring To Class?
Can I Pay Cash For Registration?
Why Do I Have To Prepay For A Class?
How Can I Get A Copy Of My Receipt?
Do I Have To Pay To Reschedule To Join Another Class?
Can I Cancel A Class?
Can I Pay For A Class On The Day Of The Class?
Can you share an overview of the new 2015 CPR Lay Rescuer guidelines?
Can you share an overview of the new 2015 CPR Health Care Professional (HCP) guidelines?
Can you share an overview of the new 2015 First Aid guidelines?
Can you just give me a certification card?
What is required to comply with Ministry of Education (EDU) Regulation 137/15 of the Child Care and Early Years Act?
What are the requirements for workers who work off-site?
What are the requirements for vehicles used for work?
Is the employer responsible for covering the cost of first aid training and supplies?
What is the required ratio of first aiders (valid first aid certificate holders) to workers?
Does the WSIB accept certificates from other provinces?
What first aid training is a workplace required to provide under Regulation 1101?
Does WSIB now accept CSA Z1220-17 First aid kits?
Do you carry insurance for candidates?
What can I do to protect myself from coronavirus?